Welcome to the Angel Teddy Bear Foundation Website

Our purpose is to deliver teddy bears to hospitals that are in turn
given to parents of stillborn children, miscarriages and neonatal loss.
Along with these teddy bears is a card containing a sympathy
message and the website address.

We know that these teddy bears are not to replace the precious
^i^ we have lost but it is something to hold.

We can offer support to you and your family. The volunteers and people that post here know and truly understand what you are feeling. So you are not alone nor do you have to go thru this all alone. Please feel free to contact someone personally (volunteer or myself) we are already friends with a great bond.

We sincerely hope that with this website and the teddy bears that we can
fulfill our motto of:

"Bringing comfort to grieving parents and families."

Please click on a link located on the banner being held by the teddy bear to learn more about our Foundation.

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