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According to the National Institute of Health, each year approximately 26,000 or 1/200 newborn babies never go home with their parents from hospitals. Instead of bringing a new baby home to the nursery, the parents must bury their still born child. Instead of bringing home a baby brother or sister, grief stricken parents must explain that the new baby has passed away. Although this is a difficult subject to read about, please consider for a moment how difficult this situation is for the families involved. My wife, Kim, and I have lived through this painful, life altering situation. In our grief we were shocked to learn how many families shared in our pain. As part of the healing process Kim and I have started a non-profit foundation to help other families learn to cope with the loss of their child.

In January 2004, Kim and I formed the Angel Teddy Bear Foundation, a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, with the purpose of bringing comfort to grieving parents and families. As parents of a stillborn son, we decided to use the Internet to reach out and to share our loss in order to help those who still grieve. We are making every effort to help other parents realize that they do not grieve alone.

Today, the Angel Teddy Bear Foundation , along with many volunteers, delivers beautiful soft teddy bears to hospitals throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania and several states across the country. The teddy bears are given to the parents of stillborn, neonatal loss or miscarried babies. The teddy bear not only helps ease the process, but gives grieving parents something to take home with them. This symbolic bear helps them know that they do not need to grieve alone. These bears are not meant as a replacement; they represent a caring and sympathetic gesture to gently remind parents and grieving families that they are not alone in the journey to recovery.

We are not licensed therapists. Instead, we are a group of mothers and fathers who are willing to share with others our experiences. We talk about our mission and explore ways in which each one of us slowly picked up the pieces and moved beyond the pain. We share this journey with each other and this brings us comfort.

Moving beyond the loss is never complete. It is a journey that must be taken one tear at a time. To this day, my wife and I are learning additional ways to help each other cope with our tragic loss. It is important for everyone to understand that it never matters how many years, months, or days have gone by since the loss, no parent has to go home ever again with empty arms.

Kim and I have made a personal and financial commitment to the Angel Teddy Bear Foundation , but we cannot continue our mission without financial help from caring individuals such as you. Your contribution will not only help the Angel Teddy Bear Foundation continue its mission to get teddy bears into the hands of grieving parents, but it will help create a support process for grieving families that will help them recover from such a tragic situation. In addition to your monetary gift, we ask that you take a few moments of your time to assist the Angel Teddy Bear Foundation by getting the word out. Tell a friend, write a letter to your local newspaper, or share with your church group that the mission of the Angel Teddy Bear Foundation is to provide help to those grieving parents who have nowhere else to turn.

The Angel Teddy Bear Foundation's overhead costs are very low, and no participant earns a salary.  Your contribution does not need to be large to provide a tremendous impact. If you contribute just ONE DOLLAR to the Angel Teddy Bear Foundation for every live birth that you have witnessed and for every woman you would like to embrace because they left the hospital with empty arms instead of a bundle of joy, a cumulative contribution of just five, ten, or twenty dollars can go a long way toward fulfilling our goals. This is the time for all of us to unite together for change. This is the moment for each of us to do our part to enable mothers, babies, fathers, partners, and families to receive respectful compassion in a time of need.

Please send your tax deductible donations to:

The Angel Teddy Bear Foundation
P.O. Box 1082
Latrobe , PA 15650

Warmest regards,

James and Kim Beeghley

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